Dirty Car Art

Some call him the DaVinci of dirt. Before he gets started, artist Scott Wade takes his car on a long drive down a dusty road. Once his windows are thick with Texas dirt, he pulls out his brushes and gets to work creating detailed images in the dust.

Wade’s masterpieces have the look of charcoal on paper and they change over time as more dust accumulates on the windows or as dew streaks the designs. A light rain, he says, can create a deep patina.

This video by Texas Country Reporter, featured on Karma Tube, follows around this designer of impermanent art as he draws the classics or illustrations on the back on dirty cars, often attracting a crowd of onlookers.

He sometimes gets attached to a particular design and when the rain begins to fall, Wade feels some regret at its demise. But then he reminds himself that nothing lasts forever and he compares his art to everything else fleeting in life. After all, every thunderstorm reveals a blank canvas.

CHANNELS: KarmaTube, Texas Country Reporter

Length: 5:55

Video by Phillips Production Inc.
Images Courtesy of Jules Alexander