Death Perceptions

Death Perceptions

It inevitably touches all of our lives. Meet ten professionals who explain how they deal with death every day. (Columbus Dispatch)

A hospice nurse, a funeral director, a paramedic and a trauma surgeon. These are just a few of the professionals who witness the face of death on a daily basis.

This in-depth video series by the Columbus Dispatch was produced exclusively for the web and explores the lives of ten Ohio residents for whom death is part of their jobs. Each of the ten short videos profiles a different death-related profession. Despite different philosophies for coping with their emotions, all the professionals profiled have compassion for the people they treat, console or minister to. The Death Perceptions package also includes interactive databases, using demographic and geographic information, that allow you to see how Ohioans die.

CHANNEL: Columbus Dispatch

Producer: Mark D. Somerson
Video Producer: Randy Walk
Photographer: Doral Chenoweth III
Database Producer: Victor Black
Interactive Web Producer: Tim Meko and Jeremy Lynch