A Conversation with Sir Ian McKellen

Having interactive video of Sir Ian McKellen discussing Shakespeare and explaining the opening speech of “Richard III” is a great resource, which is loaded with material for viewers eager to understand how stories are told in live theater. Designed by the National Theater in Britain, the Stagework site lets viewers see videos and supporting material with actors, directors, designers and others to better understand how storytelling takes place on stage. The key questions for any story – “What does it mean?” and “How do we convey that meaning?” – are what these people are all about.

Watching Sir Ian go through his presentation line-by-line — with the text transcript on screen as he explains the meanings — shows the power available to an organization that cares to build a content-rich Website. Theater-loving viewers will return often to this site, which was nominated for BAFTA and Emmy awards for its innovative and exciting format and contents.

Interactive video concept & direction: Martin Percy

Creative director, Stagework: Peter Reynolds

Digital projects producer: Zack Kinney

Director of photography: James Clenaghan

Interactive producer: Tanya Lock

Art direction & design: Matt Gates, Pat Harbord