Condition Critical: Voices From the War in Eastern Congo

Condition Critical: Voices From the War in Eastern Congo

Hear the personal stories of a few battered individuals who struggle to go on after a decade-long conflict leaves millions dead or displaced in the DRC.(MediaStorm / Duckrabbit)

Millions of people have died in Eastern Congo during more than a decade of conflict in the country, sparked by the 1994 genocide in neighboring Rwanda. Most of these deaths are the result of a lack of medical care in the region.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and other NGOs have set up medical facilities in the region where illness is as dangerous as gunfire. “Condition: Critical” is a year-long multimedia project presented on the MSF Website.

The project includes an 11-minute feature video by MediaStorm. It tells personal stories of displaced families living in refugee camps, women raped by armed groups and a devoted father who left three children behind to save his 9-month old son who was wounded by gunfire.

The project was updated over the course of a year with photographs and four short videos by Duckrabbit, a multimedia production company based in the United Kingdom. The short videos consist mainly of still images, natural sound and individuals telling their personal stories of hardship — including a boy who describes the pictures he draws from his memories of the violence. The subtitled text in the videos has been translated into seven different languages.

The project also features an interactive map where visitors to the MSF Website can leave messages of support which are translated and shared with residents of Eastern Congo.

This project is an example of veteran journalists being hired to produce quality work for NGOs and other non-profit organizations.

CHANNEL: MediaStorm / Duckrabbit

Length: 11:19

Photography: Cedric Gerbehaye
Audio and Video: Medecins Sans Frontieres
Producer: Eric Maierson
Graphics:Tim Klimowicz
Executive producer: Brian Storm

Photography: Martin Beaulieu, Yasuyoshi Chiba, Dominic Nahr/Oeil Public
Music: Kevin Macleod, Trenton McElhinney – 2 %, Orange Crush
Interviews: Robin Meldrum
Translator: Louis Mutarutwa
Producer: Duckrabbit