Choosing a President

Choosing a President

A comprehensive multimedia look back at the highlights of the two-year 2008 presidential campaign, the longest and bumpiest in American history.
Using dramatic photographs and memorable video moments, New York Times reporter Katharine Q. Seelye narrates a balanced, comprehensive look back at the highlights of the 2008 presidential campaign — the longest, costliest, and arguably wackiest in American history. Divided into three sections (The Landscape, The Candidates, The Voters), the project is accompanied by links to related archived Times video (e.g. Obama’s fabled speech about race in America) that are automatically generated as the story unfolds. Available in small- and large-format. One for the time capsule.

The Landscape: 2:46
The Candidates: 5:31
The Voters: 5:24

Reporter and narrator: Katharine Q. Seely
Reporter: Ben Werschkul
Producers: Nancy Donaldson, Amy O’Leary, David Scull, Zach Wise, Ben Werschkul
Additional video: Michele Monteleone

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