Chiloe Stories

Chiloe Stories

A colorful Latin American island is captured in a series of photoessays, narrated by the farmers, fisherman and craftspeople who live and work there.

Chiloe is an archipelago south of Santiago, Chile, populated by farmers, fishermen and craftsman. University of North Carolina photojournalism students captured the life and culture of this colorful island community in a series of narrated photo essays (which can be viewed as silent slideshows or with audio). Chile plans to celebrate its bicentennial in 2010 by building the longest bridge in Latin America, joining Chiloe to the mainland. Will this destroy the island’s culture and tax its natural resources, or will the bridge be the key to the island’s economic future?

These photo and video essays showcase personal stories of a life that reflects longstanding traditions as well as recent cultural and economic developments. They are stories about a way of life that may soon disappear, and are therefore an important record of our time. The text is offered in both English and Spanish, and the Spanish audio is similarly presented in English as well.

Executive Producer: Rich Beckman, University of North Carolina