Washington Post

Top Secret America
A two-year investigative project uncovers huge, covert national security buildups in the U.S. since the 9/11 attacks, hidden from public scrutiny. (WP)
Teenage Opera Sensation
Recent Maryland high school grad Joey Baker has one of the most promising baritone singing voices in the country. (WP)
Weed Warriors Turn Vines into Art
A Maryland couple turns pesky, non-native plants into whimsical sculptures. (WP)
Scene In
Style-conscious Washington, D.C. takes center stage in this video series about neighborhoods and hot spots in the nation's capital. (WP)
A House for Healing
Leshelle Hicks thought she was moving into Joseph's House to die. Instead, the AIDS patient learned how to live. (WP)
Sweet Dreams
After decades of caring for her invalid younger sister at home, Clarice 'Classie' Morant, 104, moved into her sister's death bed the next night, taking her place in needing care. (WP)
Threat Theater
Role-playing psychotherapist Barry Spodak creates mentally unbalanced characters to train law enforcement agents who protect politicians and VIPs. (WP)
My Kidney, His Life
A videojournalist documents his experience of being a donor in an eight-person kidney exchange so his ailing father can receive a transplant. (WP)
Last Chance High School
A quasi-military academy run by the National Guard gives at-risk teens a second chance at graduation. (WP)
Fighting AIDS in the Nation's Capital
A Washington, D.C. pastor and his church offer gay African Americans a message of acceptance and responsibility. (WP)