Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr
National Geographic's reptile expert travels the world to wrestle with crocodiles and capture giant cobras, all in the name of science.
A World of Words
Forced to leave school to work when he was 6, Alferd Williams, now 70, is back in the classroom -- learning to read with first-graders. (AARP)
Part of the Family
A deaf high school student learns to wrestle and teaches his teammates about communication, tolerance and understanding. (Reading Eagle)
Homeless State of Mind
After decades of living in shelters and on the street, Freddie Harris now finds himself with a one-bedroom apartment, thanks to his talents as an artist. (Detroit Free Press)
Tears Rained Down Over My Body
Afghan women are burning themselves alive to end their suffering at the hands of abusive husbands. Hear survivors tell their tale.
Air Car
Two inventors -- one in France, one in Australia -- design pollution-free vehicles that run on compressed air. Detroit, are you listening?
Scream Bloody Murder
A behind-the-scenes look at Christiane Amanpour's CNN documentary about the heroes who tried to stop genocide when no one listened.
Mexico at War
Mexico's rapidly deteriorating war against drug traffickers has resulted in a staggering body count and a nation teetering on chaos. (WP)
Brad Williams has hyperthymesia. That means he can pit his astonishingly detailed memory against Google and Wikipedia combined -- and win.
The Lucky Mutant
A video snapshot of quadraplegic muscular dystrophy patient Keith Hogan, who looks on the bright side of life.