Acid Test
The world's oceans are being poisoned by carbon dioxide at an alarming rate and scientists are only beginning to realize it. (Natural Resources Defense Council)
The Urban Indigenous
Cultures and languages are lost as residents of the Amazon Basin move to cities looking for jobs.
Spencer Tunick's 'The Base'
Thousands volunteer to strip and pose for a nude art installation in Australia. (Sydney Morning Herald)
Not Ready to Land
Octogenarian pilot Dick Padgett has spent most of his life in the air. (Eddie Adams Workshop)
Dustoff Afghanistan
Medevac helicopter crews risk their lives daily to save injured American and Afghan soldiers alike.
One for the Birds
When a recorder of birdsongs meets an artist who 'sees' sound, they make a musical language of their own.
Sincerely, Mr. Stroup
Daniel Stroup's eighth-grade students, past and present, know what they'll get for their birthday every year -- an uplifting letter from the teacher.
The Tyler Project
Pontiac Fiero enthusiasts gather from throughout the U.S. to help restore the vintage car for a terminal teenage cancer patient.
The Fine Art of Forgiveness
To ease the anger and stress of viewing crime-scene images, a private investigator confronts death row murderers face-to-face -- with his camera -- to find their humanity.
A Brother's Keeper
Philip Maggart fulfills his 67-year-long mission to find and bring home the remains of his brother Charles, lost in World War II.