Got Geese? Call the Geesebuster!
Robert Guadagna uses a cheap and humane method to wage a territorial battle against these overabundant nuisance birds. (Time)
Eating Placenta
Just gave birth? Meet a professional chef who will prepare your discarded organ for consumption. Bon appetit! (Time)
An 'Honor Flight' for WWII Vets
Over 60 years later, these veterans are honored for their service with a special trip from Texas to the nation's capital. (Time)
The Deadly Job of Drug War Correspondent
Journalists put their lives at risk covering the border-town violence in Juarez, Mexico, where they find themselves on cartel hit lists. (Time)
World's Speediest Sport Stacker
With lightning fast hands, 11-year-old Steven Purugganan sets a new record in this quirky sport -- and shares his winning strategy. (Time)
The General and His Trainer
A thoroughbred's surprise win at the Blue Grass Stakes has him -- and his 75-year-old trainer Tom McCarthy -- headed for the Kentucky Derby. (Time)
Turning 50 With Barbie
Katherine Lanpher -- along with Alaska and Hawaii -- is turning a half-century this year, but a certain popular doll is getting there first. (Time)
Photographing the President
Two photojournalists reflect upon the moments and memories of capturing Pres. George W. Bush through their lenses for eight years. (Time)