A No-Pants Subway Ride
Stripping to your skivvies on public transit has become an annual event in 44 cities around the world. Follow one intrepid soul on his half-naked journey.(Time)
How They Train: Skeleton Racing
See how world champion Noelle Pikus-Pace prepares for her head-first 80 mph trip down an icy track in the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Time)
Kangaroo Foster Parents
An Australian couple are among 800 volunteers who have turned their homes into nurseries for orphaned marsupials. (Time)
Inside the Mind of a Sudoku Master
Thomas Snyder (2007 champ) squares off against his friend and nemesis Wei Hwa Huang (2008 champ) at this year's national tournament showdown. (Time)
Mix Tape Nostalgia: Cassette From My Ex
Homemade audio tapes of favorite song collections bring back memories of lives and loves from past decades. (Time)
The Lord's Resistance Army Hunts Children in Sudan
Young boys are kidnapped and tortured by soldiers from a brutal rebel group from Uganda. A survivor's tale. (Time)
In Mumbai, Wrestling to Be a Cop
Young Indian men who want to boost their overall health and job prospects rigorously train in the ancient sport of Kushti. (Time)
Worms in the City
An ecology center teaches environmentally conscientious urban dwellers how to compost food scraps indoors using those live wriggly critters. (Time)
Consequences as Himalayan Glaciers Melt
Nepali mountain guide Damodon Pyakurel takes westerners on tours of his mountainous home to show the destructive effects of global warming. (Time)
U.S. Citizens Born by Midwife Denied Passports
Some Texans are not allowed to cross the Mexican border because their birth certificates were ruled invalid due to an insurmountable technicality. (Time)