Texas Country Reporter

Blackout Poet
Austin Kleon steals words from others to pen his unique brand of poetry. (Texas Country Reporter)
Pioneer Couple
Dick and Bonnie Cain are determined to live in a 19th-century world of solitude without any modern technology. (Texas Country Reporter)
Doug Smith's Recovery
A virtuoso pianist is slowly winning the rehab battle to perform once again after a truck accident left him paralyzed. (Texas Country Reporter)
The Amazing Skidboot
An astonishing dog achieves worldwide fame with his tricks and seemingly fantastic intelligence. (Texas Country Reporter)
Dirty Car Art
Scott Wade, the "DaVinci of Dirt," creates impermanent paintings with the dust on the windows of his Mini Cooper. (KarmaTube / Texas Country Reporter)
Blind Ambition
Video profile of a college student who paints beautiful works of art in vivid colors, despite the fact that he's been blind for years.