Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Just a Minute
A series of 60-second videos celebrate city sights and sounds, from a night of bikeracing to a day at the beach to practicing Parkour. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Seniors Share Their Stories, Hopes and Dreams
As they graduate, 26 students from five high schools reflect upon their parents' influences, career goals, and future lives. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
All That Jazz
Top musicians from around the world descend on Rochester, NY for its annual 9-day music festival. A series of multimedia portraits. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Nominees: Toys Battle for Hall of Fame Spot
Whimsical ode to a dozen classic playthings -- from paper airplanes to Hot Wheels -- contending for museum recognition (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
The Determined Divas
Eight troubled and often violent girls, struggling to better themselves through a city program, share their hopes and experiences. (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)
Round Rochester
Weekly interactive 360-degree panoramas capture the sights and sounds of Election Day -- and a wide range of other subjects in Rochester, NY.