New York Times

The Improbable American
Without a college degree or medical credentials, Todd Shea founded and directs a charity hospital in northern Pakistan. (NYT)
From Dusk to Dawn
The Hebrew Home's innovative program gives Alzheimer and other dementia patients a place to dance, play and socialize all night long. (NYT)
Second Chance: The Jazz Singer
After taking time off to raise her son, musician Deanna Kirk is back on the stage. First in a series of six portraits of personal transformation. (NYT)
A Crescendo in the West Bank
A rising tide of interest in western classical music enables young Palestinians to escape the walls surrounding the territories. (NYT)
Stalemate in Korangal Valley
American soldiers come under fire in this Taliban stronghold where the fighting has been at a bloody draw for years. (NYT)
Cracking the Whip in Pakistan
Amid a stronghold of radical Islam, two brothers slyly run a million-dollar business in Karachi, manufacturing fetish and bondage gear for Westerners. (NYT)
Popular Science?
Maggots and putrid odors don't prevent high school students from swarming to Forensic Science classes, a surprisingly alluring elective in the CSI era. (NYT)
A Man's World
Widows in Afghanistan are society's ultimate outcasts. Meet two women who are challenging the odds. (NYT)
The Blessing of the Bikes
Riders congregate at a Manhattan cathedral for their annual ritual of prayers and holy water -- and to confess their cycling sins.(NYT)
My Personal Foreign Aid Program
Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof travels to the Dominican Republic to assess the merits of his Plan USA sponsorship of a local child. (NYT)