New York Times

Mother and Medic
Iraq combat veteran and single parent Jaymie Holschlag struggles with the harsh emotional reality ... of returning home. (NYT)
The Letter from Iwo Jima
WWII vet Frank Hobbs seized an envelope from a fallen Japanese soldier and returned its contents to the man's daughters ... 65 years later. (NYT)
Surviving the Death Race
Who will win the surreal 24-hour endurance marathon that's described as a cross between 'Survivor' and 'Jackass'? (NYT)
Broadway's Unique Child Care
When theater workers like Sharon Wheatley of 'Avenue Q' go to work at night, who can take care of their kids? A church? (NYT)
Women at Arms
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have profoundly redefined the role of female soldiers and changed base camp dynamics -- outpacing official military policy. (NYT)
Shockwaves Through My Soul
Sgt. Jacob Blaylock tried to resume his life back home after serving in Iraq, but the memory of his fallen comrades haunted him. (NYT)
A Year of Struggle at a Food Bank
Will volunteer organizations be able to keep up with the record numbers of needy people seeking handouts? (NYT)
A Respite From Homelessness
Stand Down, an annual 3-day program in San Diego, offers free housing and social services to help disadvantaged veterans get back on their feet. (NYT)
Mission to the Moon
A 40th anniversary six-part assessment of Apollo 11's historic accomplishments, narrated by a science reporter who covered it. (NYT)
Beyond the Fence
The South Carolina Juvenile Justice System was a model of effective new programs, but budget cuts are undermining progress. (NYT)