New York Times

Weekend in New York: Brazilian Music
From the Williamsburg Bridge to Greenwich Village, discover the rhythms of Brazil in New York.
Salvia:  A Virtual Drug Craze
Legislators are paying attention to YouTube videos of people tripping on the world's most potent hallucinogenic herb.
Musical Test Drive
The public gets a chance to play a million-dollar Stradivarius violin before it is auctioned at Christie's.
Stockwell: From Baghdad to Beijing
Melissa Stockwell lost her leg in a roadside bomb in Iraq and went on to swim on the U.S. Paralympic team at the Beijing Olympics.
Water Returns to the Pima
After the largest tribal water settlement in U.S. history, some Pima are encouraging a return to traditional farming and foods for better health.
The Deportation of Luis Alberto Jimenez
An illegal immigrant severely injured in a car accident in Florida was treated at a community hospital, which eventually sent him back to Guatemala.
The Battle for Bristol Bay
A vote in Alaska may affect the permitting of the Pebble prospect, which could become the largest mine in North America -- and threaten wild salmon.
Adventures in Equal Parenting
Video portrait of New York couple who equally share breadwinning and parenting responsibilities.
The Marijuana State
Twelve years after California voters legalized medical marijuana, it is being exploited as a cash crop and for recreational use.
The Little Rock Nine: 50 Years Later
In 1957, the Little Rock Nine set out to integrate Central High School, and were turned away by the Arkansas National Guard. Seven of them describe that day and its aftermath.