Los Angeles Times

Getting Paid to Not Teach
Accused of misconduct, 160 L.A. teachers are ordered to stay at home, but they continue to receive full salaries. (LAT)
Diamond in the Rough
Tim Lewis grew up playing baseball in Compton. Now he lives in his car and leads a Little League revival in his old neighborhood. (LAT)
A Hendrix Experience in Hollywood
Look-alike, sound-alike rock legend impersonator Anthony Aquarius has Jimi down to a tee. (LAT)
Diminished Chords
Part musical instrument, part elegant furniture, the piano's once magnificent status in American living rooms is rapidly declining. Here's what we're missing.(LAT)
The Last Cowboy
Fourth-generation cattleman Steve Tellam is in a dying profession -- but still thinks he has the greatest job in the world. (LAT)
Tim and Eric Awesome Road Show
Comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have catapulted to TV fame with their eclectic and ironic routines. (LAT)
Master Calculus Teacher
How do Sam Calavitta's math pupils consistently ace their advanced placement exams? Watch their award-winning mentor in action. (LAT)
Kogi Korean BBQ
What's stranger -- that it's served in a taco from a truck, or that you have to tune in to Twitter to find it? (LAT)
The Fire Within
A border wildfire killed 7 illegal immigrants and critically burned 16 more. One year later, we experience the aftermath of that tragedy.
Race in the Race
Mixed-race Angelinos smartly address the role of ethnicity in their lives and in the Presidential election.