Los Angeles Times

Waiting for Death
Edwin Shneidman, a 90-year-old pioneer in suicide prevention, contemplates his own demise. (LAT)
Abby Sunderland's Quest
A 16-year-old California girl sets out to complete a solo nonstop sailing trip around the world ... and to break her brother's record. (LAT)
She's 97 and Homeless
Bessie Mae Berger, 97, and her two sons, Larry and Charlie, both in their 60s, tried to survive while living in their rusty '73 Chevy Suburban. (LAT)
Battle of the Blonds
Two Marilyn Monroe impersonators compete for attention on Hollywood Boulevard. (LAT)
Alabama's Homeboys
Former Los Angeles gang members travel to the South to turn around the lives of impoverished kids whose upbringings are hauntingly familiar. (LAT)
Leonardo, A Work of Art
Outrageous fashion is the calling card for this Los Angeles hair designer. Just don't call them costumes. (LAT)
Forgotten Warriors
Civilian contractors injured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan fight for benefits and treatment when they return home. (LAT)
A Place for Jani
A family struggles with the extreme challenges of raising a spirited 6-year-old daughter with severe schizophrenia. (LAT)
Harvest of Hope
The dirty, dangerous, difficult work of picking grapes in California's central valley remains a life sentence of poverty. (LAT)
Ana's Story
Born with a disfiguring case of neurofibromatosis that worsened through the years, a young woman longs for surgery that will help lead to normalcy. (LAT)