Los Angeles Times

Worth its Weight in Dimes
A vintage scale that has stood in front of a Los Angeles store for 30 years has a personality of its own. (LAT)
Project 50: Four Walls and a Bed
Los Angeles County gave 50 hardcore homeless on skid row a place to live with no strings attached. This four-part multimedia series tracks participants over two years. (LAT)
Pullman Porter and Family Patriarch
Working for Union Pacific Railroad for 38 years enabled Lee Wesley Gibson, now 100, to create his most cherished legacy -- his progeny. (LAT)
They've Struck Oil, But They're Not Rich
For Phan Plork, using his shrimp boat and crew for oil cleanup is filthy and dangerous work, and pays only half of what he made before BP fouled the Gulf of Mexico. (LAT)
A Debilitating Medical Mystery
California parents demand to know what environmental factors are causing the high number of birth defects in their community. (LAT)
Mozingo: Tracing a Family Name to a Hidden Past
Joe Mozingo set out to research his ancestry, never expecting to find that he's descended from a black slave. (LAT)
Breaking the Chains of Addiction
Reconnecting with the Torah helps heroin junkies, alcoholics, sex addicts and gamblers at a Jewish rehab center. (LAT)
In the ultimate conflation of brains and brawn, players alternately exchange punches and chess pieces at a gym in Hollywood. (LAT)
A Boy's Struggles
A sexually abused boy and his mother recount the anguish they suffered at the hands of a trusted teacher when he was in kindergarten. (LAT)
His Body a Prison
Former nurse Spencer Sullivan copes with life after a tragic medical error left him a quadriplegic. (LAT)