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Aretha's Hat
Milliner Luke Song designed the Queen of Soul's inaugural hat. The style has been flying off the shelves since her performance. (Detroit Free Press)
Santa School
St. Nick imitators learn the secrets of whisker care and tips on ho-ho-ho-ing at this Michigan finishing school. (Detroit Free Press)
Michigan Marines: Band of Brothers
Emmy-winning video series shows the riveting, gritty journey of soldiers and their families, and the impact of their service in Iraq.
Where Children Find Hope
Six-part video series provides a rare look inside a modern-day orphanage, where foster kids grow up together while waiting to be adopted. (Detroit Free Press)
Forty Years of 'Respect'
Aretha Franklin's Grammy award-winning hit gets its propers in this celebratory Emmy-winning multimedia package.
Courtney Hawkins Comes Home
Former NFL receiver and All-American college star returns to his Michigan hometown to coach and re-energize his high school football team. (Detroit Free Press)
Pit Bulls: Companions or Killers?
Pit bull lovers say the dogs are friendly when raised correctly, and that rogue owners ruin their reputation by raising them to fight.