Webby Award

The Gun Markets of Pakistan
Craftsmen with simple hand tools manufacture weapons, from pistols to anti-aircraft firearms, for the Taliban. (VBS.TV)
Hope: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica
Poet Kwame Dawes explores how HIV/AIDS has shaped the lives of islanders in an artful award-winning multimedia package.
A Meaningful New Mission
Retired Navy officer Rick Koca founded Stand Up for Kids to help homeless teens. In the process of changing their lives, he reinvented his own. (AARP)
Rape in a Lawless Land
A survivor of the genocide in Rwanda records the testimony of more than 400 women and girls abused by marauding militias. (The Guardian)
Intended Consequences
After 800,000 Rwandan Tutsis were massacred, thousands of surviving women contracted HIV and bore children as a result of being raped. (MediaStorm)
Sweet Home Obama
American reporter Edwin Okong'o travels to his home in Kenya to find out how his countrymen are rejoicing about Barack Obama. Frontline)
Searching for the Snow Leopard
Prizewinning photographer Steve Winter roams the upper altitudes of northern India in pursuit of the notoriously camera-shy feline. (National Geographic)
My Daughter the Terrorist
A young woman suicide bomber trains to further the cause of Sri Lankan rebels. (Frontline)
Project Song
Get inside the creative process in Studio 4A, and watch as each musician writes and records a new composition in just two days. (NPR)
Courtney Hawkins Comes Home
Former NFL receiver and All-American college star returns to his Michigan hometown to coach and re-energize his high school football team. (Detroit Free Press)