Carrier of the Economy

Carrier of the Economy

Measured by the type of mail he delivers, postal carrier John Dick gets a close-up look at the nation's fiscal woes. (Detroit Free Press)

John Dick says he always wanted to be either a fireman or a mailman, and he sees himself as part of a grand tradition. In his job as a U.S. postal service carrier Dick delivers mail to 361 houses each day and now, during tough economic times, he sees 361 stories about the economy based on the type of mail he delivers.

When times are good, the mail is full of advertisements and credit card applications. When times are bad, it’s the lawyers who do all the advertising. Dick estimates he’s seen a dozen home foreclosures in the past two years. The Detroit Free Press follows Dick around on the job in this short video about the economy and the ways in which all of us are touched by the troubling times.

CHANNEL: Detroit Free Press

Length: 2:47

Produced by Brian Kaufman
Story by Kathleen Gray