Boxing Against Parkinson’s

Boxing Against Parkinson’s

Kristy Rose Follmar uses punching bags to improve patients' confidence and combat the progression of this debilitating disease. (AARP)

They pound punching bags and heavy bags and spar with a trainer to lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. People come to the Rock Steady Boxing Foundation in Indianapolis to build confidence and enhance their physical abilities which have been diminished by the degenerative illness.

Executive director and former pro boxer Kristy Rose Follmar teaches intensive boxing regimens and says patients benefit from the strenuous workouts.

This Northwest Indiana Times video (featured on the Website of AARP Bulletin) depicts Follmar at work in the gym with several clients. The fast-paced workouts and Follmar’s encouragement inspire people to work hard and push themselves. Often, Follmar says, the harder she pushes, the better results people have with their abilities.

CHANNEL: AARP / Northwest Indiana Times

Length: 3:36

Video by Christopher Smith