Boomtown: The Sin City Story

Boomtown: The Sin City Story

Ambitious eleven-part video documentary takes a decade-by-decade look at the growth and evolution of Las Vegas over the past century.

How did an old-west outpost on Nevada’s last frontier become both the largest city founded in the 20th century and the number one destination spot in the world? Take a journey through Sin City’s history to see the people, politics, entertainment, and events that helped Las Vegas explode into the global phenomenon it is today.

In an ambitious eleven-part video documentary, The Las Vegas Sun takes a decade-by-decade look at the city’s growth over the past century, vividly demonstrating how it transformed itself from a railroad watering hole to the ‘Gateway to the Hoover Dam’ to seedy ‘Sin City’ to the corporately-financed adult playground known as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World.’

In a multimedia extravaganza that befits the over-the-top subject, the project is augmented by separate videos on uniquely Vegas stories (from Liberace to Elvis impersonators), audio interviews with prominent Vegas characters, profiles of colorful mobsters, interactive timelines, maps of the casinos, odes to ten defunct casinos accompanied by videos of their implosions, and much more.

Finalist, Online Journalism Awards, Multimedia Feature, Medium Site.

Andy Samuelson: Project Manager
Mary Manning: Writing/Principal Research
Billy Steffens: Technician/Research
Matt Toplikar: Video Producer/Photo Editor/Research
Trent Ogle: Videography/Video Producer
Zach Wise: Multimedia Producer
Bethany Acree: Illustrations
Ed Koch: Writing
Todd Soligo: Multimedia Design/Site Design
Tyson Evans: Site Design
Linda Wrzesinski: Editing
Hepi Mita: Asst. Photo Editor
Stephanie Kishi: Asst. Photo Editor
Natasha Shepherd: Writing/Research
April Corbin: Writing/Research
Rob Ponte: Writing/Research
Jenna Kohler: Writing/Research
Michael Lyle: Writing/Research
Brian Greenspun: Video Narration
Rebecca Clifford: Research
Steve Marcus: Photography
Dave Toplikar: Editing