Being a Black Man

Being a Black Man

An award-winning, in-depth multimedia package about what it means to be a black man in modern American society.

Over the past half-century, black men have been perhaps the most studied and dissected population subgroup in America. Now numbering 18 million, black men often feel caught between individual achievements and collective failures, defined more by their image in popular culture than by their lived experiences.

This massive project by The Washington Post — incorporating video, audio, narrated photo galleries, and text — offers an in-depth look at what it means to be a black man in the U.S. today. Tough issues are addressed throughout the presentation. There are discussions in living rooms about what it means to be black and gay, interviews with women about issues such as dating and marriage, man-on-the-street interviews about why so many black men are in prison. There is enough high-quality material here to keep visitors engaged for many hours.

Winner of the Pictures of the Year International Competition’s Award of Excellence.

Editing: Ju-Don Roberts, Tanya N. Ballard
Design: Nelson Hsu
Video Production/Reporting: Ben de la Cruz, Pierre Kattar, Hamil R. Harris, Sholn Freeman
Photo/Audio Editing: Nancy Donaldson, Tom Kennedy, Dee Swann, Jennifer Crandall

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