Beautiful Noise

Beautiful Noise

Evelyna and Kirk are raising their kids in a small New York apartment far from her home in Germany. How do they cope with cramped space and economic crisis?

When Evelyna Dann Peterkin moved to New York City from Germany, she expected to stay a year. Now, 14 years later, she and her husband Kirk are raising two children in a small city apartment and facing a volatile economy and the possibility of moving to Germany. Amidst all of the challenges, they try to stay optimistic about the future.

Produced in the third MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Workshop, this project tells a multi-faceted slice-of-life story about raising a family in New York, interracial marriage, uncertain economic times and living far from the country where you grew up.

Through interviews, video and still photographs, we get a glimpse into a chaotic and cramped family life in the bustling city. Evelyna and Kirk try to find time and space for their creative pursuits of dancing and music and they are both dedicated to their children. As Kirk says, parenting is like another art project. For Evelyna, moving back to Germany promises a calmer existence away from the overstimulation of New York. For now, a fenced-in neighborhood garden is an oasis for her, and working in a German restaurant injects a bit of her homeland into her New York life.

Length: 7:47

Photography and Video: Morag Livingstone
Editors: Mareile Paley and Kimberley Porteous
Producers:Eric Maierson and Chad A. Stevens
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Additional Reporting: Eric Maierson, Mareile Paley, Kimberley Porteous