Filmmaker in Residence
The inner workings of health-care programs at a Canadian urban hospital, as portrayed by a filmmaker-in-residence.
The Last Goodbye
In this powerful story of assisted suicide, a doctor explains his decision to travel to Switzerland to legally end his life with dignity.
A Farm Family
A dairy farmer finds a surprising solution to maintaining his operation following a divorce, by marrying a young South American woman.
The Boy in the Moon
Parents tell the story of struggling to care for, and trying to understand, their children who suffer from a rare and complex genetic disorder, CFC.
Black Market
Strong beliefs in obscure Chinese medicine fuel the development of wildlife trade, the world’s third largest illegal trade behind guns and drugs.
Weegee's Naked City
Weegee's photos from the 1930s and '40s defined Manhattan as a film noir nightscape of gangsters, bums, slumming swells and tenement dwellers.
Africa's AIDS Orphans
A profile of two South African couples who opened their hearts and stretched their resources to give AIDS orphans a family.
The Sandwich Generation
See the challenges faced by an estimated 20 million Americans who have to take care of aging relatives.
LA Kids Consignment
Who knew that watching and talking to shoppers at a swap meet of kids' toys and clothes could be so much fun?
Beekeeper's Lament
Can the story of home foreclosures become any darker? Meet the man who's removing their flying invaders.