Pullman Porter and Family Patriarch
Working for Union Pacific Railroad for 38 years enabled Lee Wesley Gibson, now 100, to create his most cherished legacy -- his progeny. (LAT)
Nisei Graduate
Seventy years after being sent to an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, Bessie Kawachi Chin, 87, receives an honorary college degree. (SJMN)
In My Space
Working with a certified nurse-midwife, an Ohio couple has a positive experience with home birthing for their second child. (Soul of Athens)
Barbershop Board Games
Get a haircut or play a game of checkers at this long-standing Washington, D.C. establishment. (Roll Call)
Paying for Petting Time in Japan's Cat Cafes
An Osaka café provides feline lovers with a place to get their kitty fixes. (Time)
I'm Just Anneke
With the onset of puberty, a young girl navigates the fluid space between genders with the help of understanding parents and friends. (Media That Matters)
A Year at War
The First Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division, from Fort Drum N.Y., begins a year-long deployment to Kunduz Province – accompanied by videojournalists. (NYT)
Unable to afford escalating insurance premiums, Sheila Wessenberg (left) had to stop chemotherapy for breast cancer. Her death exemplifies the American healthcare tragedy. (Media That Matters)
Seniors Share Their Stories, Hopes and Dreams
As they graduate, 26 students from five high schools reflect upon their parents' influences, career goals, and future lives. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
They've Struck Oil, But They're Not Rich
For Phan Plork, using his shrimp boat and crew for oil cleanup is filthy and dangerous work, and pays only half of what he made before BP fouled the Gulf of Mexico. (LAT)