Top Secret America
A two-year investigative project uncovers huge, covert national security buildups in the U.S. since the 9/11 attacks, hidden from public scrutiny. (WP)
Obsessives: Soda Pop
John Nese is the Willy Wonka of carbonation. His L.A. specialty store offers more than 500 types of fizzy beverages -- but no Pepsi. (
Just a Minute
A series of 60-second videos celebrate city sights and sounds, from a night of bikeracing to a day at the beach to practicing Parkour. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Reginette's Story
A 13-year-old Haitian girl adjusts to a prosthetic leg provided by a New Hampshire team that aids earthquake victims. (Boston Globe)
Undercover Karaoke with Jewel
Disguised as a frumpy businesswoman, the pop star triumphantly performs some of her classic songs to an unsuspecting but completely dumbfounded audience.(Funny or Die)
Holy Cow Jumping!
The sport of Course Landaise, France's answer to bullfighting, combines leaping, spinning and smarter bovines. (Time)
Rediscovering a Passion for Music
After the housing market crashed, Robert Rudolph, 53, left his formerly prosperous career as a mortgage broker to pursue his first love: choir music. (AARP)
The Chosen Few
In Johannesburg, being a member of an openly lesbian soccer team can mean risking your life. (NYT)
Teenage Opera Sensation
Recent Maryland high school grad Joey Baker has one of the most promising baritone singing voices in the country. (WP)
Locke and Christina
A young couple finds that a relationship formed at the Smiling Skull Saloon can work -- even when a baby arrives. (Soul of Athens)