Autism: Breaking Down the Barriers
A couple struggles to raise their twins -- one of whom has a developmental disorder. (Roanoke Times)
Acid Test
The world's oceans are being poisoned by carbon dioxide at an alarming rate and scientists are only beginning to realize it. (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Ian Fisher: American Soldier
PULITZER PRIZE WINNER. A comprehensive look at a young man's two-year journey from high school graduate to Army grunt stationed in Iraq. An 8-part video series.(Denver Post)
Rape and Recovery in the Congo
PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST: Sexual violence is the weapon of choice in this war-torn African nation. Who is helping the victims? (Washington Times)
Motel Manor: Suburban Homelessness
PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST: At a highway crossroads in Missouri, desperate families are each crammed into a single room with all of their belongings. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
The Urban Indigenous
Cultures and languages are lost as residents of the Amazon Basin move to cities looking for jobs.
Honoring Jeramy
Since he was killed in Iraq in 2004, three children have been named after this beloved friend and family member. (San Jose Mercury News)
Spencer Tunick's 'The Base'
Thousands volunteer to strip and pose for a nude art installation in Australia. (Sydney Morning Herald)
Not Ready to Land
Octogenarian pilot Dick Padgett has spent most of his life in the air. (Eddie Adams Workshop)
Blackout Poet
Austin Kleon steals words from others to pen his unique brand of poetry. (Texas Country Reporter)