Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling
Ken Kobre's groundbreaking new textbook teaches students and professionals how to shoot, edit and produce high-quality videojournalism stories. (Focal Press)
Last Roll of Kodachrome
A photographer shoots his final 36 frames of defunct film at the Missouri State Fair, and then drives hundreds of miles to see what develops. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Worth its Weight in Dimes
A vintage scale that has stood in front of a Los Angeles store for 30 years has a personality of its own. (LAT)
The World's Murder Capital
The streets are safer in Baghdad than in Caracas, Venezuela, where the soaring homicide toll is a blemish on the revolutionary government that promised reform. (NYT)
The Pity of War
A 14-year-old Afghan girl is inadvertently killed by shrapnel from a U.S. mortar strike (Time)
Seinfeld's Jerry Stiller Visits Astoria
The actor best known as George Costanza's father makes a surprise stop at his 'sitcom home' in Queens ... and meets the couple living there. (NY Daily News)
Reacting to Climate Change
Local heroes throughout south Asia emerge to combat the effects of global warming. (China Daily)
Gum for My Boat
Meet the young members of the Bangladesh Surf Club, an oxymoron in a country with plenty of beach, but a conservative Islamic culture that frowns on swimming. (Telegraph21)
5 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina
Although much has been done to rebuild New Orleans after its 2005 disaster, BP's Gulf oil spill presents yet another obstacle to the region's revival. (USA Today)
Perfume: Step into the Ultimate World of Luxury
A fragrance expert reveals why the rare ingredient 'oud' is so prized in the Middle East -- and why it's heading to a perfume counter near you. (The Guardian)