YouTube's 'Project: Report' winner worked with a community of disabled adults to help them use videocameras to document their own lives.

YouTube in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting announced the winner of Project: Report. Hundreds of people from around the world entered the first of its kind program that called on aspiring journalists to produce short, high quality video pieces focused on stories that are not typically covered by the traditional media.

After three rounds of competition, the YouTube Community voted on the five finalists and, together with a panel of journalists from the Pulitzer Center, chose Arturo Perez, Jr. of San Francisco as the grand prize winner. Perez will receive a $10,000 grant to travel abroad and work with the Pulitzer Center on a story of global importance.

Perez’s winning video explores the lives of the residents of Camphill California, a community where adults with developmental disabilities live, learn and work together. Residents experience a range of disabilities including but not limited to Fragile X syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy and Down’s syndrome. Perez worked with Camphill residents to use the camera to document their own lives.

The goal of the contest was to produce a piece that empowers an underrepresented community to tell its own story to the world: “First, choose a group of people that are rarely covered by the traditional media. Then let them use the camera to document their own lives, and to tell their own story. It’s up to each individual reporter to collect the footage captured by the members of this group, and to weave that material into your own reporting to create a compelling and unique story.”

Length: 5:00

By Arturo Perez, Jr.