A Place for Jani

A Place for Jani

A family struggles with the extreme challenges of raising a spirited 6-year-old daughter with severe schizophrenia. (LAT)

January Schofield suffers from delusions, hallucinations and angry outbursts so severe that not even her parents feel safe. At just 6-years-old, Jani, for short, has child-onset schizophrenia, which doctors say is 20 times more devastating than adult-onset of the disease.

Because such severe mental illness is rare in young children there are few resources to support Jani and her exhausted parents. Schools can’t accommodate her and residential facilities won’t take her. Jani is on high doses of psychiatric drugs to keep her somewhat stable.

Her parents recently traded in a 2-bedroom apartment for two 1-bedroom apartments in order to keep their toddler son separate and safe from Jani’s outbursts.

Told through interviews with Jani’s struggling parents and Jani herself, this Los Angeles Times video reveals a family held hostage by a devastating disease.

CHANNEL: Los Angeles Times

Length: 7:45

Video by Don Kelsen & Tim French