A Great-Grandmother’s Love

A Great-Grandmother’s Love

Gail Ertel's 16-year-old granddaughter asked her to take care of her autistic and virtually blind daughter, McKenzie. (WP)

Gail Ertel struggles to pay for her own medical bills and those of her great-granddaughter, McKenzie, who suffers from autism, virtual blindness, and a number of other medical disorders. Ertel, who is in her 60′s, refuses to give up on McKenzie and the girl has made tremendous strides under her great-grandmother’s care.

“Love is patience,” says the great-grandmother. McKenzie requires constant attention for her unique and demanding needs. Faced not only with communicative challenges, but looming financial ones as well, Ertel explains in this Washington Post video story the reality of providing the love and energy to care for her progeny and endure through the more trying moments.

CHANNEL: Washington Post

Length: 5:41

Video by Whitney Shefte


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