A Day With Francisco

A Day With Francisco

Retirement didn't suit him, so 71-year old Francisco Cardoza went back to work as a cheerful pharmacy greeter and interpreter. Customers are glad he did. (AARP)

Francisco Cardoza worked his entire adult life running a printing business. Two years into retirement, he was bored, a little depressed and he missed the extra money for luxuries like nice clothes and jewelry.

With help from the New York City Department of Aging, Cardoza found a job as a greeter and interpreter at one of the busiest CVS pharmacy stores in Manhattan. Now 74, Cardoza cheerfully works 40 hours per week to the awe and enjoyment of customers and co-workers alike.

This uplifting video by the AARP Bulletin Today won second place in the team video category in the National Press Photographers Association’s multimedia contest for January 2009.

The video is rounded out with interviews with Cardoza and other CVS employees and customers. His CVS manager calls Cardoza amazing and says he greets around 3,000 customers each day, speaks several languages and deters shoplifters. Another co-worker, who thinks of him as a grandfather, says the beautiful thing about Cardoza is that he can retire if he wants to but he doesn’t because he loves the work.


Length: 6:08

Video and Editing by Michelle Cassel
Produced by Nicole Shea and Miranda Harple